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Chris Keller, whosefamily will own the hotel and convention center, said Friday the project hadbeen put on hold for the past two weeks. He said the projects investor was five months behind on his draws of money andwas just recently approved for $100 million in new funding from his investors. Keller would not disclose who the investor is only to say it is a private individual. He added that the investor has several otherprojects going on right now across the country. Keller added that they Construction loan Sydney Oak Laurel Drummoyne, 0430129662, halted construction until the new money came through because they didn't want to get into an "uncomfortable situation" with sub-contractors. Keller said when the money does comethrough, the project will get $35 million to complete phase one and the other $56 million will be allocated for phase two. According to Keller, the steel has been orderedand construction is expected to resume in two weeks. Copyright 2017 KAIT .