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The pieces were shipped to Havasu last week. It will take about two or three weeks to complete, Keane said. The main difference between this slide and the previous one will be that a couple of the sections are going to be translucentpeople will kind of be able to see out, and have a brighter ride. The new slide will replace one that was built in 1993. While it was a unique feature of Havasus Aquatic Center, the slide began to show its age last year when city inspectors found visible rust on the supporting structure. They advised the slide would need to be replaced. The Lake Havasu City Council authorized additional funding to Parks and Recreation for a replacement, at a cost of about $180,000. While the Aquatic Center remained open after the demolition, engineers took the opportunity to replace plumbing around the slides location, as well as replacing the motor and water pump to accompany the new slide, Keane said. The new slide will keep approximately the same shape as its predecessor, and will be held aloft by the same support columns, Keane said. Arms for those support columns and clips to connect sections of the slide will be brand new. When construction is complete, Kean said, White Water West representatives will inspect and certify the slide before its opened to the public. Were going to have a grand re-opening, Keane said.